Yoga is a super tool! WHY?

Have you tried yoga out yet? Yoga has become more mainstream and not all yoga is created the same.

There are SO many different types of yoga!

Yoga at your local gym- may have more of a fitness, exercise, movement based guide

Yoga as a stretch/warm up/ cool down as part of your workout.

Maybe you’ve experienced yoga in a beautiful yoga studio for 30+ minutes in a relaxing calm space…

So for some, yoga for 60+ minutes in a more yoga flow, quieter way, can be difficult!

But what I want you to know, is yoga can be your super tool to help manage stress, shift out of overthinking mode, and more!

If you’re lucky enough and have experienced yoga in a group class format, you’re likely aware of a variety of poses you saw in class.

If you haven’t, you can head over to YouTube – my favorite is Yoga with Adriene. She has a great YT channel full of yoga – in sitting, standing, so many variations.

Once you find some moves that FEEL GOOD in your body – figure out how to implement them into your daily routine!

Personally, I love mountain to forward fold/hang, upward dog, to downward dog or moving through cat/cow pose.

Find what poses you enjoy, and then try adding them into a morning stretch when you hop out of bed. It can help alert your body!

Or try some more relaxing hold poses like childs pose at the end of your day before bed.

I also add a seated cat/cow pose into my day at work to help with all the sitting at a desk.

Listen to this video from Maria to learn more about Yoga as a super tool but ALSO, the importance of letting go & surrender.

Yoga is so much more than “just exercise”. It’s a mindset, and a shift into BEING mode. BEING in your BODY. Letting go of the story you tell yourself. and just BEING in your body.

Happy yoga-ing!

I also love this yoga poetry book:

Have a beautiful day!

Maria Serbus, owner/founder at Grounded Evolution

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