What are you worrying about?

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How often do you find yourself worrying? Daily? Weekly?

Worrying isn’t uncommon. I’d be lying if I said I probably didn’t worry about something at least 1x/day.

This weekend, I made some to do tasks in my planner I was hoping to get to.. I did not get to all of them and I worried… What if.. Will it set me behind? But I was able to notice I was worrying, found that it wasn’t helpful, and was able to write down a plan for getting some tasks done in the next week, and shift my thinking fairly quickly.

I used to be an incessant worrier. My worry was a coping mechanism for that feeling of anxiety – fear of unknown, uncertain, fear of not having control over a situation. Worrying made me feel productive, like my brain was trying to “solve” whatever I was worrying about.

I started to realize the anxiety.. the worrying.. weren’t serving me and started other strategies for coping and moving through it.

First, I started more regular exercise. In college, I joined a gym and started doing some regular YouTube videos and especially found strength training helped me keep anxiety down.

Then I had to find better coping mechanisms for my anxiety. Worrying wasn’t helping. Things that did help..

Notice I was worrying, and do a brain dump, write it down, empty my head, see if there was something I could do/change and if not, distracted myself with a self care or leisure activity.

If the worrying was hard to get out of, venting to someone could help. To vent/release and be reassured the problem/situation was going to be fine.

In my young adult years, I’ve found other coping mechanisms for anxiety – cognitive behavioral approaches through therapy, mindfulness training, learning more about meditation, spending years finding a meditation style that worked for me, started doing yoga, and working with more holistic coaches. Through the years, I have found better ways to manage the anxiety. And I feel I can worry less.

Worry is not meant to be a cyclical perseverative activity. But it can turn into this. Especially sometimes as you lay your head down to sleep at night.

So. How often do you worry?

Do you get stuck there?

More blogs and Grounded information to come on this topic because especially in the last 2 years of uncertainty since the world turned upside down with a pandemic in Feb/March of 2020, worry has gripped us all.

But how will you shift out of this phase?

You don’t need to stay stuck there!

Here are some of my favorite “worry/anxiety management resources”– a place to start.

https://amzn.to/3KXaBaM Instant Calm Book

https://amzn.to/342YSXt Rewire Your Anxious Brain by Catherine Pittman

https://experience.heartmath.com/ HeartMath biofeedback – but they now offer a mini meditation and science behind series you can watch for free when you sign up!

Learning more about worry/anxiety can be very helpful!

All my best,

Maria Serbus

owner/founder Grounded Evolution

Occupational Therapist

Anxiety management specialist

Your Emotional Guide

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