Tips to better sleep

Have you ever been laying awake at 10:30am and racing thoughts, to dos and tasks lists just start running on loops in your head?

All the things you could or should get done?

There’s a part of you that says “STAY IN BED” “FALL ASLEEP” “SHUT OFF THOUGHTS”

And it doesn’t work….

1 am rolls around and you’re still laying there trying to shut off your mind.


Here are my tips to help you fall asleep and YES it includes GETTING OUT OF BED.

I know it seems counterintuitive but, if you can’t get yourself to sleep in 20-30 minutes, don’t keep laying on your pillow.

Hop out of bed and try a body based strategy! AKA, get out of your head 🙂

  1. Make yourself a warm cup of tea (non-caffeinated of course), warm up a glass of milk (not my cup of tea, ha! but to each his own)
  2. Hop onto your carpet in the living room… guest room… somewhere quiet not in your bed and do some yoga poses- cat/cow, child’s pose, just lay there.
  3. Smell a calming scent/essential oil. Take a whiff of lavendar.
  4. Try a natural supplement like melatonin or a CBD gummy- I love MySoulCBD
  5. Listen to my Youtube video for more ideas:

Good luck with your sleep!

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. If you have serious concerns about your sleep and are struggling with falling asleep or staying asleep, please consult your primary care physician or medical provider.

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*These tips are best suited if you struggle with falling asleep during a stressful period of life where you’re temporarily stuck in overworrying/racing thoughts mode.

*If you notice your anxiousness/worrying thoughts are ongoing, please consult your primary care physician or a mental health provider.

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