Spring into 2022

A fresh 365 days lie ahead. How will you spend them?

My wish for you.. is that you’re more intentional with your time this year.

March 2020 the world came to a halt. A still. An eery stillness.

There was a ton of uncertainty, unknown, fear, division, everyone hopping into camp A or camp B.

2021 We maybe thought, we can get out of this, but we continue to be shown we aren’t in control.

But have we ever been? There’s also unknown, uncertainty… That’s life.

Many of us had just learned to stay busy, fill the time (maybe not with intention), and we felt in control.

I want to hop into 2022 knowing 2 things. I am not in control of outside events. My energy can make an impact.

But life will continue to throw curveballs and hurdles. I can’t waste my time trying to control that.

I can only learn how to control me and that often means… letting go of control all together.

Shifting into a state and mindset of flexibility, ease, lightness… shifting into a state of grounding back into our bodies.

Because when life hits with the unexpected, I want you to have your own safe haven. It’s YOU! It’s the only thing you can count on.

And I don’t mean your physical state. Because we all can also have a physical illness or condition happen to us too…

But of our physiological state. When I became trained in HeartMath biofeedback, I began to understand the amount of control we all have of our inner nervous system physiological states. We think its automatic, pre-determined, no control.

But we do have control! And I’ve seen it happen time and time again, with myself, and with clients when using Biofeedback (HeartMath).

That we can learn how to shift and ground our own nervous system. If we can ground our own nervous system, we can absolutely control how we respond to life events.

And it’s a type of control that you can tighten and loosen the grip as you please…. times you can appreciate your body doing safety mechanisms to protect us, and also know how to shift out of those safety protective spaces (fight/flight/freeze).

I also with for more happiness and joy and peace in 2022. The other neat thing is we all are surrounded by little wonders and miracles we often aren’t still enough to notice. I want you to notice the little things and truly shift into a more peaceful, calm, joyous state when you’re in a positive moment. Because often times our anxious/overthinking mind barely registers joy because it’s searching for the next “what if”. You can turn that volume down. And turn up the JOY! 🙂

If you want to learn more, I’m hosting some webinars in 2022! If you’d like to learn more, send me a message at: info@grounded-evoution.com.

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Happy New Year!

Maria Serbus

owner/founder at Grounded Evolution

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