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It's Time to Start Your evolution

If you are a go-go dream chaser, your emotional health may be last item on the priority list –after family, home life, career milestones, and other life to dos. 

Maria can work with you

  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • at your place of work for worksite wellness
  • speaking at your workshop event on self growth, personal development and stress management

Maria believes in the power of doing, so whether this is a 1 on 1 or worksite group session, expect to get moving!  She will blend education, science & the why behind these new strategies while practicing and DOING the skills to help you manage your stress!

Booking a Grounded Evolution session is the solution to help you shift  your emotional health out of stress and into calm/clarity, so you can keep chasing goals, dreams, and enjoy life while doing it!

Maria is a certified biofeedback therapist and she blends her OT background to provide you the insight and tools to manage your stress/overwhelm.  Learn more about HeartMath below.

Are you a data driven, need to see it to believe it kind of person? Do you like seeing tangible proof and information to help guide your decisions and life choices?

Biofeedback is for you!

HeartMath biofeedback technology utilizes a simple ear sensor to track a person’s HRV (heart-rate variability) pattern.  This heart-rhythm monitoring technology provides powerful information by observing how your autonomic nervous system (flight or flight system) is handling day to day stressors.

Maria also uses biofeedback measures to track progress and effectiveness when using emotional wellbeing tools so your program is tailored to what works for you.

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