Purposeful Worrying

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The next time you catch yourself worrying – get curious! Ask yourself these reflection questions to shift your incessant worrying back into a purposeful coping mechanism to actually help you manage your anxiety/stress/overwhelm.

Worrying is intended to be purposeful, to help cue us to devise a plan to solve the problem/concern. However it has become something we do without thinking about it and worry can rob us from enjoying the small joyful peaceful moments.

So follow these reflection questions to help turn your worry back into a purposeful vs. perseverative activity.

  1. What is the problem, issue, or concern you are worrying about? Is it a PAST problem? Or FUTURE?
  2. If it is a PAST problem – ask yourself how might you act, think, or behave differently next time? What maybe triggered you in the past to behave/act in a way you are not proud of? How might you act differently or reach out for help next time? What were you unprepared for that you could be more ready for next time? Once you write down a plan that will help you prepare more effectively next time, tuck it away for use next time and then MOVE ON. Get off the worry channel. It has kept it’s purpose to help you prepare for next time.
  3. If it is a FUTURE problem – why are you worrying? What about the future problem/situation is in your control? Is it an uncomfortable upcoming conversation with someone? Sit down and write out a plan. How can you best prepare for the conversation, can you write down what you will say so that it comes out “right”? Is it a future event you want to be prepared for? What is in your control up until the day of the event to chip away and be prepared when the day arrives? Brain dump and write down the plan/solutions and then execute the plan.
  4. Remember the PURPOSE of WORRY is a coping mechanism to manage feelings of stress/anxiousness about a past/future situation and help you devise a PLAN to move forward. Once the PLAN is created (from step 2 or 3) it is time to MOVE FORWARD.
  5. You need to get off the worry channel. The plan is created, follow the plan and let it rest. Persistent worrying on an issue that you’ve already created a plan/resolution for of what is in your control – is no longer helpful. It is just worrying for worry sake.
  6. Some ways to get off the worry channel include – practice PRESENT in the moment mindfulness, complete a self care activity, a body based stress reduction tool such as exercise/gentle movement, time with loved ones, etc.
  7. If you haven’t been able to come up with a plan- reach out for help!
  8. If you are worrying things outside of your control, LET IT GO. It is out of your control. Still proceed to step 5/6- MOVE FORWARD.

Still struggling? Phone a friend, Book a therapy appointment, Book your 1 on 1 Biofeedback consultation with your Emotional Guide at Grounded Evolution.

I am happy to help you move through these steps and make it a habit so that your brain doesn’t get stuck in persistent worry!

All my best,

Maria Serbus

Owner/Founder at Grounded Evolution

Your Emotional Guide

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