Meditate with Me

Meditation doesn’t HAVE to be super hard.

You need to find what works for YOU.

It can take 20 minutes, 20 hours ,or 20 seconds.

Try this!

Quick coherence technique from HeartMath institute- Maria is a HeartMath certified biofeedback professional.

  1. Shift your attention to the area of your heart. Slow your breathing to a comfortable place. Visualize your heart.
  2. Focus on a renewing emotion and do your best to generate a feeling of: peace, joy, calm or gratitude. If it helps you can bring to mind a loved one or past positive experience. But focus on the FEELING.

Hold for as long as possible letting thoughts float by. The mind will wander, expect it and kindly bring it back.

Check out my favorite meditation app: MyLife meditation app- there are 100s of app so you may want to try different ones. I enjoy the variation of voices, durations of meditation, and types of meditation in the MyLife meditation app as well as there is an emotional scan option to help you tap into where you’re feelings are at and guides what meditation might be most helpful to you!

Happy meditating! If you need help with this head to Book with me page or Services page to learn more about how to work with Maria to find effective body based stress reduction tools and how to implement into every day life!

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