Lion Mind vs. Monkey Mind – focused vs cluttered

This blog is inspired by the “Lion Mind meditation” by MyLife meditation (

What is it?

Monkey mind (or dog mind) is when your mind is just sporadically jumping around to all the different things.

Ex: Do laundry, Oh I got to put these shoes away, Wait did I send lunch money with my kid, Did I pay the charter bill? What’s for supper tonight, and on and on and on and when your mind is in this mode – it ramps up stress and overwhelm.

When you notice you are in monkey mind, just PAUSE. and NOTICE. NOTICE the jumbled, sporadic thoughts.

And aim to shift into LION MIND. which is the ability to step back and acknowledge your thoughts are just thoughts that you can let stream by, and focus on the task at hand. or the PRESENT MOMENT. You can ground yourself in the present moment.

Calm your nervous system. Look at what your body is experiencing, take a few breaths, and then shift back to- what do I need to do next?

What do you need to do next?

What is going to move the needle toward your goals today?

Listen more about this concept here:

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