Exploration to Habit formation

… You need to test out different cars before you purchase one right?…

… You’d want to sample different flavors before deciding on a wedding cake right?..

…Normally people want to try different forms of exercise, before signing up for a year membership, yes?

…Same goes for stress reduction/health and wellness tools….

Whether this is the year you’re going to try different approaches to improve your mindset (following different pages, trying a therapist, or mindset coach) …. or maybe you want to try out some holistic approaches like… reiki… chiropractor.. maybe even biofeedback.

Whatever it is, I love the exploration phase of trying different things out! It can be fun, exciting, feels like low risk, low commitment.

I enjoy trying out trial classes at local exercise locations – Next week I’m checking out Pure Barre class in town.

Exploration phase is FUN!

However…. we can get stuck here..

Once we begin to find tools that WORK for us, that HELP us, that make us feel good, and seems to align with what our mind/body needs and we see some results, as human beings it can get boring and we go back to exploration.

Nothing wrong with trying things out, but, there are certain things you’ll want to work on making a habit!

While I may like to try and switch up my exercise/movement routine, I have had to work on making movement in general a habit.

From using a habit tracker app, to leaving my gym shoes by the front door so I see it and do it right when I get home, to making myself do SOME form of movement when I get home from work whether its 5 minutes or 30 minutes, I’ve had to be intentional to put a system in place to help me with this habit.

My advice as you go into 2022!

*Align with your heart… Where’s your heart leading you?

*Explore tools that support your mindbody wellness.

*Take the time to implement what works into your every day routines, making it a habit!

Happy 2022!


Owner/founder Grounded Evolution

My favorite habit book: https://amzn.to/3FwkSXv

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