It’s okay not to be okay.

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Life knows how to throw curveballs when you least expect it, and sure don’t need it.  Some people get whoppers.  Sometimes life doesn’t feel fair.  And sometimes we have reason to be extremely grateful.  


This post is about weathering the storms.  It’s okay not to be okay.   Especially when you’re going through a storm (or two).  You don’t need to pretend it’s all OK.  You don’t need to be a hot mess.  You can just be.  Whatever you need to be.  


The thing is, when you learn to name/own it, accept it, or maybe get angry with it! It begins to have less hold on you.  Scream, cry, simmer in it.  Be the storm.  Face the storm.  So you can shift and move through it and learn to dance in the rain. 


But most importantly – you don’t need to pretend you have it all together.  It’s okay to ask for help.  Or ask for space.  It’s okay to take active steps to lighten your load.  And it’s okay -this part may be hard.  You may be used to carrying it all, doing it all – (see previous Luisa post)- and so it can feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar to start lightening your load, or asking for help.


That’s OK too.


It’s a process.


Just know I’m on your side.

And I’m also here to help you find your tools in the storm!


-All the best,

Maria Serbus

Your resiliency coach & emotional guide!



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