Add Calm in 2022

Add calm in 2022

This year, let’s add back in calm. 

What is a quick effective way to do this?  Appeal to your sensory system through smell.  Certain smells can be very calming and pleasing and can evoke emotions of peace and joy.

I love getting home from work and adding an essential oil to my diffuser!

Here is my favorite diffuser I use from amazon – simple, easy and I have one in most every room upstairs!  Of course there are some prettier ones but, if you are looking for simple-easy to try out – check it out!  You can change the color so at nighttime I like it red, in the morning/afternoon I enjoy setting it to green.  

There are many essential oil options out there.  I do urge you to do your research and find one that really is oil and not all filler.  I have enjoyed using the YoungLiving brand, but there are other options out there too!

My favorite scents are the basics — 

Lavender for calming

Frankincense for clearing and meditation time

Peppermint for alerting/energy

Thieves… just all the time!  It’s great for the immune system!

What do you do to promote calm when you get home form work?


Owner/Founder Grounded Evolution

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