Birthdays, Celebrations, New beginnings..

 Life in cycles-Birthdays, Celebrations, New beginnings, Dark to Light-Accepting it all and riding the cycles of life......

Life happens in cycles. In loops. In ongoing Criss Crossy paths. 


Things happen for a reason. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, a grander force surrounds us. Leading us right where we need to be, if we just let go and listen. Lean into the unknown and uncertainty. 


My birthday is April 5th 

I love birthdays. 

The joy, a day of celebration! Not about the gifts or material association but because of the fun times and people I get to be around and an intentional choice to do the things I love to do that day or week (or birthday month of course) 

As I near my mid 30s (OK I’m 32!) Birthdays become even more special. Again, not because we are going to go to the finest dinner, or because I got some new fancy watch. 

But because I am so ridiculous grateful to lead a life chasing my dreams, doing what I’m passionate about, surrounded by people who make me laugh, smile, cry and support me and my family.  


So…new beginnings… 

The last 365 brought plenty of NEW. Entrepreneurship always looks so shiny, fun, forging your own path!… It also brought new challenges, new hurdles and tapped into old thought patterns and beliefs.  

It can be easy as you begin again, start anew, celebrate … a new year! A birthday! A job promotion—- we focus on the warm fuzzy- AHA – of the moment. 

But let’s not forget the sweat, grit, and shadows and hurdles you overcame to get there!  

And I remind myself it’s in the darkest hours, the most trialing periods, that often your completing (or starting?) A new cycle. And the ~new beginnigng ~RENEW part is coming! 

So my friend if your in a dark part … the grayer parts right now.. look to the light. Life happens in cycles. Be open for possibilities.. potential. You have to be on the lookout to step into the new beginning. 

Keep going. 


This long windy post is a reminder to JUST KEEP going. Life has its ups and downs and just when you think your stuck in a shadow, you find light. You find yourself. And you come out feeling whole again and stronger. 


I am here to help woman who feel burnt out, stressed out juggling too many plates, wearing all the hats (mom, wife, career driven / entrepreneur) find her light! Find tools that ground her. Because life IS worth celebrating! 


All my best, 


Cheers to year 32! 


Maria Serbus 

Owner/Founder/CEO at Grounded Evolution

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