The Grounded Mission


Maria earned her Masters of Occupational Therapy from the University of MN in 2014

Marias breadth of experience across a variety of healthcare settings has found one common theme.  Everyone at one point in time has lived with or currently deals with emotional struggles and can benefit from mind-body offerings aimed at navigating life challenges.  When times are tough, a mentor/coach can help ease the journey.  By addressing these areas of emotional health, Maria can help provide practical tools to navigate stressful situations or periods of darkness that can throw off daily routines.   

  • 7 years working as an occupational therapist
  • Certifications in: anxiety management specialist, HeartMath certified professional in biofeedback 
  • Continuing education in sensory processing, holistic alternative healing (meditation, guided imagery, intuition) executive functioning assessment and training, trauma trained.
  • 1 on 1 mentorship under the founder Emmy Vadnais
  • experience getting people results to live brighter lives working through anxiety, depression, grief, and complex trauma.

grounded Mission

At Grounded Evolution, my mission is to serve the community by elevating people to rise and thrive through life’s ups and downs with tools you already have within! 

My goal is to join your journey to improve your ability to ground and center back to self, improve mental clarity, and help you take those small steps towards real lifestyle change that sticks; while still enjoying the life you live NOW.

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